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Thread: July 14th George Richey Chat

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    July 14th George Richey Chat

    Penny_(Host)_: Our guest tonight is songwriter George Richey, who has written hits for George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Lori Morgan, Aaron Neville. Just to name a few. So if everyone is ready, letís start with our first questionÖ

    Penny_(Host)_: 1. Memberís question: N.J.: I would like you to tell us one of your fondest memories of your early years when you were first starting out as a songwriter and had no money. Was it hard, fun, aggravating? And what was your first ďbreakĒ in the music business and how did that affect you from that point on?

    George_Richey: Be patient Iím thinking...
    George_Richey: I got my first major start with the great Red Foley. He had a show in Springfield Missouri. Many big names were apart of that show. I was with the Red Foley show for about 3 years and then I was drafted into the Army and spent under 2 years there. It was a great beginning for me because he was a hero of mine for many years. An experience I will never forget.
    George_Richey: I'm still answering...hold the thought
    George_Richey: Times were very difficult for me when I first started out. I never considered quitting. NEVER! It's all that I ever considered doing. Music is all I knew and all I wanted to know.

    NJ: Thank you George we are honored to have you here with us tonight! NJ


    Penny_(Host)_: 2. Memberís question: David has a couple of questions for you George: First: I noticed you have several BMI Award Winning songs that you collaborated on. What song did you write that you think should have been an award winner and wasn't?

    George_Richey: I believe I received BMI awards for every song that was worthy. But Iím still thinking
    George_Richey: I never really felt that my songs went unnoticed. I felt they got the recognition they were due!

    Penny_(Host)_: Second: David asks: Who was your favorite co-writer of all time? Which co-writer did you have the most success with? . Do you have any stories about interesting co-writing situations?

    George_Richey: My favorite was Glenn Sutton...o' let me see...
    George_Richey: give me just a second...tough question
    George_Richey: I think I would say
    George_Richey: I think I would say...o' gosh
    George_Richey: give me just a second
    George_Richey: Tammy!!! Yes, she was the best....

    Penny_(Host)_: GOOD ANSWER

    George_Richey: No question about it...
    You just couldn't get any better than TAMMY

    Penny_(Host)_: Third: David asks: When it comes time to pitch...did you do it or have it done for you by publishers?

    George_Richey: Norro Wilson was the co-writer that I had the most success with however I usually wrote my songs for a particular artists - so fortunately every song that I wrote was recorded and released

    Penny_(Host)_: 4. Memberís question: Rod asks: If someone were to write your eulogy today, what is the one thing that you want mentioned that you feel was your biggest accomplishment in not only the music business but your personal life?

    George_Richey: WOW...
    George Richey: I'm old you know....
    UghÖ Iím thinking about this...
    Bury Me At Wal-Mart so that my wife will visit me...
    Just kidding of course! Give me a minute!!!

    Penny_(Host)_: Take all the time you want, this one is INTERESTING

    George_Richey: thinking
    George_Richey: it comes
    George_Richey: give me just a second
    George_Richey: Iím trying to think

    Nan: We have all night George

    George_Richey: you must think that eulogy is coming soon...

    Nan: Good grief guys we are talking to GEORGE RICHEY!! I am in awe
    Help me hold my ghermy self down LOL

    Penny_(Host)_: Yes, pretty dang cool isnít it?

    George_Richey: O' Nan...
    George_Richey: you kids...stop it
    George_Richey: I'm thinking here now

    George_Richey: Music was my life here on earth - it is what got me through the journey. It paved the way down so many roads that were restricted for most - but the notes, cords, lyrics and licks always filled my soul. Music was me. I can remember the days when nothing else mattered but the song. I was eaten up with it. I lived it, breathed it and worshiped it.

    Penny_(Host)_: Rod would also like to know: From your childhood dreams, what are the ones that you have seen fulfilled? And of these, which are you the most proud of accomplishing?

    George_Richey: It wasn't until I fell in love that the songs started to change.
    The most important things to me are - God and family!
    I could write a whole book about that one

    Penny_(Host)_: AND I WOULD READ IT!!!

    Nan: Me Too!

    George_Richey: I want you to all know that when I die - you will find me bowing to the King of Kings

    rubysshoes ) cool.

    Penny_(Host)_: 5. Memberís question: Nan asks: George.. Iím sure you have been affected by internet piracy; do you think the music biz can survive and will we see a new distribution of music model?

    George_Richey: Iím back daughter was calling me
    George_Richey: and yes she comes first, okay, Iím thinking
    George_Richey: I'm very afraid for the music biz as we knew it...
    I do not believe it will survive in the state that we would like. I'm not sure what the answers will be but I can assure you that it will not be good for the writers... That's my fear anyway. Of course I'm always looking at it from the writers view

    Nan: UNLESS the writers take control

    Penny_(Host)_: Members question; Penny: I know you wrote a lot with Norro Wilson. When you would write with Norro which one of you usually came to the table with the ideas? And where did you write these songs, at each others house, or at the office? And did you do most of your writing in the day time or at night?

    George_Richey: I usually had the ideas. We wrote at the office mostly
    George_Richey: I wrote whenever it hit me but mostly during the day

    Penny_(Host)_: Also Penny asks: You were not only a great songwriter, but was Tammyís manager for a time. Did you enjoy being out on the road, or would you rather have stayed home and written songs?

    George_Richey: I enjoyed doing it the way that I did. Writing, Producing and the road. But the truth be told...
    George_Richey: I do have some regrets that I put my entire writing career on hold
    I think I still had some good songs in there. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade one minute of the twenty plus years with Tammy. I'm just sorry that I didn't get more involved with my own writing.

    Penny_(Host)_: Did you write on the road at all?

    George_Richey: Tammy and I were so busy with touring. We had very very little time for it. Sorry to say...

    Nan: well it is certainly not too late, wanna co-write tomorrow? I
    Nan: Just kiddiní
    Nan: couldn't hep my ghermy self

    George_Richey Well, yu'd have to come to Texas

    Penny_(Host)_: I could make it (grin)

    Nan: Iíll be on the red eye of Nashville at midnight!! lol.

    Penny_(Host)_: 3. Memberís question: Robert asks: How do you think the country music of the 60's and 70s compares to the pop/rock sound of today?

    George_Richey: I loved the 70's, 80's and 90's.

    George_Richey: Do you want to know what Tammy thought of it?

    Penny_(Host)_: YES

    George_Richey: She was much more vocal than I
    George_Richey: She ONLY liked REAL country. I don't want to name names because you all may have hits with them and that's good too!
    George_Richey: Though Tammy loved many different kinds of music - she was particular about her Country Music.

    Penny_(Host)_: Well folks... Now you can ask George what ever you would like, that is the end of the sent in questions

    kirklandc: George, Are you currently writing and pitching songs to new artist?

    bobbyjoe: How did the idea for "A Picture of Me Without You" come about? That song still tears me up.

    Nan: Me too one of my favs

    George_Richey: I was driving to the office one morning and ex wife and children had just moved to Ca and it killed me not to have my children. That's where I got the idea for the song!

    bobbyjoe: wow

    Reba: Whatever happened to Sue, Charlie, Pam , Marty and all the guys?

    CT: Can I ask a piano question

    George_Richey: Marty is in Nashville. Sue is in Alabama Charlie is in Dallas

    Nan: have you walked in a garden where nothin was growin or stood by a river where nothin was flowin...WOW

    Reba: Wow! Thanks.

    George_Richey: I'm not sure about Pam

    George_Richey: Piano question ?

    CT: Did you play piano on any of Charlie Rich's recordings?

    George_Richey: Yes.... Behind Closed Doors

    Nan: WOW, Awesome song

    George_Richey: I played on a bunch of them

    CT: Awesome, you did that intro?

    rubysshoes: jeez

    George_Richey: Yes...that's me kids :d

    Reba: Love it.

    Nan: thatís one of the BEST lead ins of all time

    CT: WOW that is sooooo cool!

    Penny_(Host)_: WOW, I would love to just sit at Georges feet for days listening to all of the stories of what he has witnessed!!!

    George_Richey: This summer my wife has me going through hundreds and hundreds of our Albums. Cataloging my work.
    CT: That's fantastic!

    George_Richey: It's a huge undertaking. Because back in those days we actually accomplished alot of work.

    kirklandc: I think my question got lost in the George, are you currently still writing and pitching songs to new artist?

    Reba: good for her. Somebody has to do it. LOL

    George_Richey: We would write a song, record it and the next week it was on the radio. I have written, produced, published or played on thousands.

    NJ: "He Stopped Loving Her Today" The Country Song of Songs did that song come about? My Fav

    Penny_(Host)_: You and Tammy were in the room when Jones recorded that one werenít you George?

    George_Richey: I didn't write on that one but I have Jones' cell phone - you could ask him

    NJ: LOL!

    George_Richey: hold on my baby needs right back

    kirklandc: Cell Phone #??? lol..

    George_Richey: i'm back....sorry

    Buster: hey pen how much for George's email address?
    Buster: hehe

    George_Richey: Tatum always comes first...she's my love.

    NJ: Penny great chat as always, thank you

    George_Richey: Sheila too of coarse

    Nan: your da best Richey

    George_Richey: I wished I could see your faces

    Penny_(Host)_: We could all come to your house if you really want us too! (grin)

    Reba: Is that your grandchild, Richey?

    George_Richey: She's my daughter!
    George_Richey: She'll be 8 in September and I've never been in love like this

    Nan: How often do you get to Nashville?

    NJ: Are your kids musical as well?

    bobbyjoe: song comin' on haha

    Penny_(Host)_: Does she play piano?

    George_Richey: She doesn't play yet but I'm hoping she will

    George_Richey: We split out time between the two homes
    George_Richey: Her name is Tatum Keys Richey. Her mother wanted her to always have a part of me with in Piano "Keys"....

    Penny_(Host)_: Oh now that is CUTE
    Penny_(Host)_: Tell mom that was a great idea

    George_Richey: some private box just popped up... strange!

    Penny_(Host)_: Someone must have hit the wrong button

    George_Richey: Well kids anything else before I go?

    Reba: You didn't have any girls before this, did you? That's wonderful. Nothing like kidos. That's what it's all about. (smile)

    bobbyjoe: Thanks so much for chatting with us, George -- God bless you and your family. And God bless Texas!

    NJ: Thanks George for being here you are D -Man!

    George_Richey: If you want to know it...ask me now or forever hold your peace...

    CT: Just thanks so much for chatting and sharing with are a very talented man!

    Penny_(Host)_: THANK YOU SO MUCH George... Maybe you will do this again for us some day...
    kirklandc: Thanks George!!! This was a great honor!!!

    George_Richey: I do have a request for you!!!!
    George_Richey: I'm serious
    George_Richey: There is something I would like for you all to do for me

    rubysshoes: yes?
    Nan: sure
    Reba: Ok
    CT: Name it...
    Tiffany_Carlen: ask away...
    kirklandc: sure
    Penny_(Host)_: Anything you need George.

    George_Richey: I'm getting a bit teary so give me a second..
    George_Richey: this is hard

    bobbyjoe: luv ya, George
    Nan: we love you buddy
    rubysshoes: its ok

    George_Richey: whenever it is time for me to meet my savior- please remember me for me...turn on my songs and Tammyís songs and hear the work that we put out to the world...

    bobbyjoe: you got it!

    rubysshoes: always will.
    Running_Late_Muse: it would be an honor
    Nan: Absolutely
    kirklandc: For sure!!!
    Tiffany_Carlen: Will do!!!!! This was such a Blessing, and an honor. Thank you so very much!!!

    George_Richey: that's how i want you to remember us....don't listen to the gossip or chatter but please hear out music

    Penny_(Host)_: That is something you did not even have to ask... We would have done it anyway... WE ALL LOVE YOU...
    NJ: You know it!
    Rod: I with you on that.
    CT: I promise for many, many years to come you will STILL be here in song...
    rubysshoes: what a wonderful man.
    Nan: if tunesmith can ever help you guys promotions wise please let us know George

    George_Richey: please help protect my precious angel Tatum....she is me...she is my everything and i love that child beyond what i am able to communicate

    Reba: I do that all most every day, but I'll continue. I'm sitting here looking at that big autographed poster I had a professional framed.

    kirklandc: You have truly touched the world with your music! Thank You.
    Penny_(Host)_: This has been awesome.

    George_Richey: she has kept me alive

    Penny_(Host)_: thank you
    rubysshoes52820: ok Iím crying now
    NJ: Your music is ingrained in American society George, always will be! God Bless You!
    CT: We will be there for her--we are family!
    Penny_(Host)_: George, I think you touch us deeply

    George_Richey: and I want her to know there are other songwriters fighting for their dreams too....

    rubysshoes: blessings.
    Nan: George you are a true soldier of the music world and we are so grateful you spent time with us, please do it again soon
    Reba: Thanks, God bless.
    Nan: and a big hand for Penny for putting all this together

    George_Richey: I love you all very much and please keep up the great work....NEVER give up...I wont!!!! Good night...
    George_Richey: God Bless

    Nan: Wow Iím just blown away
    give Tatum a hug from all of us

    George_Richey: Rest well kids!

    CT: you 2

    George Richey: Till I can make it on my own!!!

    George Richey has left the chat roomÖ
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